Brand Package


Brand Mark

The logo depicts disparate strands coming together in unity and creating upward momentum - a graphical representation of the mission of CAP-SV.

Brand Mark + Logotype

Alt Logo - Acronym Mark

Color Palette

The foundation of the palette is a stark and analytical black and white. This is balanced by a bright and airy yellow, evocative of light and growth.

We love data

A keystone of the visual brand is presenting data not only clearly and legibly, but elevating it so that it is beautiful and visually compelling.

We love people

As a counterbalance to the information graphics, in equal measure, visuals should prominently feature photos of people. People should be presented authentically, in the environments in which the live and work and with little production and post-processing.


The following compositions demonstrate how the logo, palette, type and visual elements come together in a cohesive brand voice.

Motion Design

Animation and motion can help abstract concepts or hard-to-understand information more understandable and digestible.

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